Natural Chef & Founder of mission nourish


I created Mission Nourish to help people rediscover the connection between the food they eat and how they feel. I would like to be part of the shift that I believe is happening in the way that we all approach our health.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight and low energy, and as an adult woman I have faced the symptoms of unbalanced hormones, including endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids. It took many years for me to gain an awareness about how food truly affects my health. That awareness intensified when my sister was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Eating certain foods would be the difference between her being able to get out of bed. We searched for answers, but found resources to be outdated and doctors to be only mildly supportive.

Inspired to help other people struggling with health challenges, I went back to school to earn my Natural Chef certification at Bauman College, a nutrition-based culinary program focused on restorative cooking.

It is my mission to spread awareness about the power of healing foods, and to encourage people to actively engage in supporting their own health.

I know better than anyone that we can be armed with the knowledge, and sincerely have the best of intentions to be our healthiest self, but life can get in the way. Sometimes we just need a little support and guidance from someone else.

Let me be that support for you!