Natural Cooking 101

Learn everything you need to start feeling confident in the kitchen with this 3-hour crash course.


shopping basics

We’ll start by going over how to shop for high-quality foods, including what to spend your dollars on and where you can save. I’ll touch on which ingredients to avoid and which convenience foods are worth it. I will also share my 5-step process to refresh your pantry to get a clean start for restocking your shelves.

Essential kitchen Toolkit

I’ll share my favorite kitchen tools that make meal prep and cooking easier, including my top 3 recommendations to transform your cooking immediately.

natural chef techniques

I’ll teach you the basics of good knife skills and the best techniques for preserving nutrients in your food. We’ll continue with my tips for building flavor in your dishes to help you make food that will keep you satisfied.


You will receive my Natural Chef Shopping Guide and Pantry Refresh Guide to start stocking your shelves with better ingredients. I’ll share my Recipe Builder Template to get you started creating your own recipes, as well as the recipes for my Five Secret Sauces for foolproof dishes. You will also keep all of the food that we create during the class, and will leave with the knowledge and inspiration you need to get cooking!

classes can be scheduled privately or offered in a group setting.

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