• You have the desire and intention to eat well, but you feel overwhelmed.

  • Food allergies or other eating challenges are taking over your life.

  • Healing from illness has left you without the energy to cook your own meals.

  • Your family is growing, and you want effortless nourishment for mom and baby.

    You want the best for your body, but life gets in the way



why mission nourish

  • We have experience working with dietary limitations, and are happy to work with your medical team to support your health.

  • We are committed to organic, pasture-raised, sustainably-sourced ingredients.

  • Our cooking techniques help make nutrients as bioavailable as possible.

  • We cook with healthy fats to satisfy your appetite and support your brain health and cellular function.

  • Meals are prepared from scratch to avoid preservatives and added sugars.

  • We boost your health with super foods like mineral-rich sea vegetables and fermented foods to nourish your gut microbiome.

the latest nutrition research combined with traditional wisdom to help you get the most out of your food





First we’ll schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and to tell you more about our service. If we both feel that it’s the right fit, we’ll schedule your first cook date.


You’ll complete a comprehensive questionnaire providing your individual dietary needs. We’ll ask about your flavor preferences, the specific dishes that you love, and foods you would like to avoid.

Based on these details, we’ll create a customized menu with options for you to choose from. You can always request family favorites or recipes that you find.

let’s eat

On your scheduled cook day we’ll shop for the most fresh ingredients to cook your meals for the week. Meals will be delivered fully cooked, ready to reheat and enjoy.

If the food is everything you hoped for, you may choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cook schedule. 

What to expect

Our Personal Chef service includes custom tailored menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging, and delivery. An average cook date provides 3-4 entrees for 2-4 people, but we can adjust to your needs and pricing will vary accordingly.